Class Descriptions

Mindful Flow:
Experience the connection between your mind and body as you move through this full body flow linking breath to movement. This class will explore the fundemental postures of Vinyasa yoga and will strengthen muscles and improve overall flexibility. This class leaves you feeling rejuvenated and centered and is appropriate for all levels.

Rise & Shine: Morning Flow:
Explore the art of Sun Salutations to warm your body, invigorate your breath and prepare you for the day ahead. Sequences are fashioned with foundational yogic stretching and movement, inspired breath and contemplative stillness in mind. Linking the mind-body-spirit connection, this is a yummy session for all levels.

Gentle Restorative Flow:
Restorative Flow Yoga focuses on gently opening joints, releasing stored tension from the muscles, and calming the busy mind. This class also includes restorative poses that promote relaxation through emphasis on breathing and supported poses using props such as blankets, bolsters, and blocks.

Candlelight Yoga:
Soothe the body and quiet the mind with indulgently slow and gentle movement that promotes relaxation, restoration and rejuvenation. Some restorative poses are offered to help relieve the effects of chronic stress, including weakness and fatigue brought on by our daily fast paced lifestyles. Cultivate awareness by bringing our attention to areas we hold tension, and consciously releasing and letting it go.

Nourish: Candlelight Slow Flow:
In a warmly lit atmosphere, enjoy a mindfully crafted yoga sequence focused on organically slow-flowing postures, calming breath, and extended stillness to surrender and release the energy of the day. This class is intentionally created to restore, refresh and nourish you for a restful night’s sleep, and is available for everyone from newcomers to avid yogis.

Yoga For Emotional Health: 
Yoga for Emotional Health, taught by a licensed psychologist, brings attention to the mind as well as the body. Each week, class will begin with a brief contemplation related to emotional health. Yogis are then invited to internally practice the concepts shared while engaging in a combination of slow flowing movements, balances, and joint-opening poses.  This class welcomes all-levels and abilities and leaves you feeling stronger both outside and inside.

Friday Night Bliss:
De-stress from the busy week by nurturing yourself with a meditative candle lit yoga practice. Friday Night Bliss highlights our signature yoga classes, each week offering something a little different. Grounded in a foundation of deep breathing and healing movement, you’ll be given the space to allow your mind and body to completely surrender and relax as you move into your weekend. 

Restore & Renew:
Yin yoga is a meditative practice with a physical focus that goes beyond stretching the muscles by stimulating the connective tissues, ligaments and joints. In this class, through long durations of passive postures, you’ll have the opportunity to improve your flexibility and mobility, calm your mind and deeply relax. Yin is a perfect complement to more dynamic forms of yoga.

Healing Yoga:
Tap into the powerful healing that your yoga practice offers you.  Through your compassionate attention to your physical body and gentle movement, this class cultivates a soothing restful awareness of your internal world. Experience how this specialized practice strengthens inner calm to quiet your worries, soften reactive emotions, and uses the wisdom of your body and your breath to help you move beyond any challenging or difficult life experiences.  Join us for this self-care practice.  No prior yoga experience is necessary.

Family Yoga:
A Vinyasa Flow yoga class for kids ages 7-12 years of age and their grown ups. Vinyasa Flow links breath with movement and basic yoga poses. This class will increase concentration skills, reduce stress, develop strength and flexibility and teach body awareness with emphasis on breath, focus, and quieting of the mind. Share this connecting experience with your child.  Appropriate for all levels.  Pricing includes one child per one adult.  

iRest Yoga Nidra:  Available by Workshops: Please check workshop schedule 
Treat yourself to this guided meditation experience!  This brief and powerful meditation practice is focused on deep relaxation and has been shown to help improve sleep, calm anxious thinking and lift mood. This meditation practice, referred to as iRest, is a modern adaptation of yoga nidra, an ancient practice that supports psychological, emotional and physical well-being. 

Our drop-in classes occur on a weekly basis and run for 60-minutes. 
All of our classes are available to drop-in, although preregistering is available and will reserve your spot.
Please arrive to class on time as our doors are locked at start of each class. 


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