Class Descriptions

Mindful Flow:
Experience the connection between your mind and body as you move through this full body flow linking breath to movement. This class will explore the fundemental postures of Vinyasa yoga and will strengthen muscles and improve overall flexibility. This class leaves you feeling rejuvenated and centered and is appropriate for all levels.

Restorative Flow:
Restorative Flow Yoga focuses on gently opening joints, releasing stored tension from the muscles, and calming the busy mind. This class also includes restorative poses that promote relaxation through emphasis on breathing and supported poses using props such as blankets, bolsters, and blocks.

Yoga for Self Care:
In a warmly lit atmosphere, enjoy a mindfully crafted yoga sequence focused on organically slow-flowing postures, calming breath, and extended stillness to surrender and release the energy of the day. This class is intentionally created to restore, refresh and nourish you for a restful night’s sleep, and is available for everyone from newcomers to avid yogis.

Yoga for Inner Calm:
Tap into the powerful healing that your yoga practice offers you. Through your compassionate attention to your physical body and gentle movement, this class cultivates a soothing restful awareness of your internal world. Experience how this specialized practice strengthens inner calm to quiet your worries, soften reactive emotions, and uses the wisdom of your body and your breath to help you move beyond any challenging or difficult life experiences. Join us for this self-care practice. No prior yoga experience is necessary.  End with a guided meditation followed by restful awareness - Savasana.

Pockets of Peace (FREE):
FREE Community Meditation Class – Come early or stay late for Yoga, or just stop in for meditation. Enjoy a laid back weekly meditation class sharing various forms of meditation that are ideal for beginner to advanced meditators. No requirements other than to “be comfortable.” Come share Pockets of Peace in this serene, nonjudgmental space.

4P Yoga: Prana, the Pelvic Floor, and Building a Personal Practice for Women:
Don't you love all the Ps in that subject line? It reminds me of my favorite joke from childhood about the kid who says his ABCs but skips letter P. The teacher asks, "Where's the P?" and he responds, "It's running down my leg!"  Have you had that problem? Not the ABCs part....the P part. It's hard to avoid a little leakage now and then. Though this condition may be common, it certainly isn’t “normal.” And, there are tools from yoga that can help.

Come to 4P Yoga and get...umm....intimate with the center of your womanhood. Build a strong and flexible pelvic floor and find flow with the rhythms of your emotional body. Leave each session feeling strong, stable, and prepared to weave a piece of your yoga practice into your life.  This class, inspired by Para Yoga®, Pelvic Floor Yoga™, and Blooma™, is appropriate for women in all stages of life. Participants must be able to get up and down from the floor.

Family Yoga:

Finding time for fitness, family fun and a chance to relax can be a challenge. In family yoga classes, they are all rolled into one. Child-centered and built for fun, this unique style class creates a space where families can connect with each other and their community. Parents participate right along with the kids. Families will find support for a healthier lifestyle and get to enjoy a holistic family-centered activity. What may just look like fun and games, is the true technology of Yoga, woven in with sound child development principals and cutting edge neuroscience to support development on all levels.

Our drop-in classes occur on a weekly basis and run for 60-minutes. 
All of our classes are available to drop-in, although preregistering is available and will reserve your spot.


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